Posted on June 27, 2016

Hi there I’m Paul!
For the last ten years I have been an avid fan of Sigur Ros. Through following their tours, album releases and online social outlets; I like to think that I have gained an intimate understanding of their considerable depth as performers and musicians. This blog will be my personal outlet for my passion for the band as well as a record for the art and writing that their music inspires in me.

sigur tatt 2

At some points my writing can err towards the fantastical, and the lines between reality and fiction can become intensely blurred. As a disclaimer, I would like to mention that I have not ever met the band, however of course I would love to at some point in my life. My writing is a way for me to communicate my passion for this wonderful group, without aggravating any of my immediate friends and family.

They know, all too well, how much I love Sigur. For years, after first hearing Takk, all I could do in my spare time was talk to other people about Sigur. Their rich sound and groundbreaking instrumentals eclipsed everything else in my mind. I wanted someone else to experience this epiphany and, most of all, I wanted to know that my hand had caused it.

After talking to my work-assigned therapist (I quickly exhausted the patience of my colleagues and was referred out of anger rather than anything else), we settled on the idea of writing this blog as a way of purging my obsessive thoughts about the band. I have a confession to make though. My therapist is not permitted to read this, she believes there should always be a dividing line between patient and practitioner.

sigur tatt

The writing is meant to alleviate my need to tell people in person about Sigur, but if anything I’m getting more pleasure out of posting blogs than I ever got from telling people in person. As long as she doesn’t catch on, I’m gong to keep on writing about Sigur.¬†About tours, signing parties, album launches, parties, accidents, jokes, arguments, writing, hospital visits, birthdays, children, children’s children, holidays, hiatuses, record deals, solo outings, creative conflicts and soaring vocals with lush orchestral backing.

About the future of Icelandic pop music, about their legacy, about time travel, about Jonsi lead singer appearing in my living room offering me his hand because if I don’t take it then the world will surely end and only if we swap places and I become Jonsi and Jonsi becomes me can we stop the end of days and only by replicating Sigur Ros’ exact career and writing all the music which I know of by heart can we save the world so that I can find future-Jonsi-me and swap bodies and then I can find this blog and discover that its exactly as I would have written it because Jonsi is now me.

Jonsi is now me. I am now Jonsi.

Here’s to another three years in therapy!


Your Friend,


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