Jonsi, find me in the chair

Posted on July 22, 2016 in Main

I’ve been in the chair for over sixteen hours now. Its making me a little sore, but I can hold on. The whole weekend, that’s how long I might have to wait. Work on Monday, but until then – nothing. The whole weekend to wait for him.chair

The leather of the straps is chafing my wrists. I think I might be allergic to it. Its too bad, if I’d known earlier then I would have changed them. Soon, I won’t be allergic anymore. Or hungry. Or thirsty. Jonsi will though.

Haven’t eaten since yesterday. Jackie told me I look thin, but what does she know? She’s just a brain doctor – not a body doctor. Jackie said to ‘take it easy’ and have a ‘great weekend’. I said of course I would.

“Of course Jackie, first I’m going to have a lie in, its all I have been thinking about this week. Man, those early mornings will kill me one of these days so help me Jonsi- I mean God.”

enyaShe looked suspiciously at me, as if I wasn’t being completely honest with her. I smiled my sweet smile, the one that’s meant to make me look like a normal person. She seemed reassured and did her normal smile back at me.

“Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” She said this and started laughing a little. I laughed so hard. As I left the room, tears were rolling down my face and my jaw hurt; a bit like when I was a kid. Imagining Jackie waiting in the chair for Jonsi was so funny. She’s a bit bigger than me, so I doubt all the straps would fit round her – ┬áplus I can’t imagine her wearing the Jonsi outfit. It would be too small for her. She likes to wear big floaty business suits and listen to Enya. To each their own I say.

“To each their own.” I say. The straps are really starting to itch now, but its too late to get out and find new ones. This could be the day, or tomorrow. This weekend could be the one that Jonsi becomes me.

My belly growls again. This is the hardest part of waiting for Jonsi. The last thing I eat before starting the weekend’s wait is a strawberry boiled sweet from Jackie’s office. Before that I have a jacket potato with beans at work. Then I have the whole weekend to wait. I can’t afford to leave my chair. I physically can’t leave the chair. Have I mentioned the straps?

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